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EduSkills is proud to serve a diverse nation wide client base from Pre-K through 12th grade schools from our headquarters in the state of Oklahoma and surrounding states.

Save Time

"Before using the EduSkills ELL-Cloud Database, we had to maintain all of our data on an Excel spreadsheet which was difficult to keep up with. Now the data is stored in a system from which we can easily run multiple reports when needed. The EduSkills system has been a huge time-saver! It's stream-lined our ELL process from beginning to end, and there is no comparison to what we had to do before."

"EduSkills' services make it really easy to view all federal and state mandated data for reports in one location. We especially like to use the EduSkills standards based LIEPs to support district required ELL PD for teachers. Teachers find that having a plan for each of the ELL students helps them better understand how to individualize instruction for each ELL."

Simplify Compliance

"Over the past few years, EduSkills has proven to be an organization that we can trust. They are very accessible and have come on-site on multiple occasions to help us with various organizational challenges related to compliance. Their support has helped us in so many ways."

"EduSkills services don't just simplify compliance, they do compliance. It takes care of it all. I felt like I really didn't have to do much at all related to compliance. My RAO is really excited about the program."

Increase Funding

"We've always done a good job combing through the data and home language surveys, but it's difficult to track all of the data to qualify as many students as possible for bilingual funds. By automatically loading multiple assessments, including WIDA, Standardized State Tests, and NRT scores, EduSkills helped us find more qualifying students. Our district increased qualifying home language survey numbers by 36 and increased bilingual funding by almost $30,000."

"Our district administration is very pleased with EduSkills because we know that it is being done right and efficiently. Administrators in the district keep getting calls from the State Department of Education wondering how our bilingual count numbers increased so much. The State seems to be in disbelief, but we tell them that it's finally being done correctly. EduSkills services greatly increased funding for our district. Their services paid for themselves and for the salary of more than one teacher."

"Based on what EduSkills did for us we gained about $80,000 in additional funding."

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