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EduSkills is an educational services and school data analysis company serving schools and districts Pre-K through 12th grade. EduSkills collaborates with schools and districts in order to help teachers and administrators become high-performing outcome based educators with a clear focus on high level student achievement.


EduSkills' premier Title III/ELL accountability and ELL forms management software is designed to assist all school stakeholders in making data informed accountability and instructional decisions that promote academic success for each ELL.

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Helping educators support the social, emotional and academic growth of students through high quality data driven services.

"EduSkills' software has helped very much with the integrity, accuracy, and efficiency of our bilingual count, making the job a whole lot easier for myself and the district as a whole."
Title III Director, Crooked Oak Public Schools
"EduSkills' services don't just simplify compliance, they do compliance, It takes care of it all. I felt like I really didn't have to do much at all related to compliance, My RAO is really excited about the program."
Title III Director, El Reno Public Schools
"The benefits and time saving features of EduSkills' services are a huge blessing. Time is a priceless resource in education; so anytime a program or service like the EduSkills service comes along to cut our time in half, we in the day to day battle rejoice!"
Title III Program Coordinator, Woodward Public Schools
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